Redesignate SAS Support Personnel at Your Site

Update Administrative Information (contact/address information)

You can use this form to redesignate your SAS Representative, SAS Training Coordinator, SAS Contract Representative, SAS/Warehouse Administrator, or SAS Invoicing Contact. You must complete this form once for each person's contact information; however, each person can have multiple roles.

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You can find out who your current designated SAS support personnel is at your site.

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Name of the current (old) Representative, SAS/Warehouse Administrator, Coordinator, Contract Representative, or Invoice Contact:
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Position(s) of the person who you are redesignating:
  • SAS Installation Representative
  • SAS/Warehouse Administrator (named administrator(s) assigned to SAS/Warehouse)
  • SAS Training Coordinator
  • SAS Contract Representative
  • SAS Invoicing Contact
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