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When Should You Use the SPDE Engine

To obtain the best results with the Scalable Performance Data Engine (SPDE) it is recommended that you have:

SPDE Engine or SPD Server?

The SPDE engine and the SPD Server product share a common heritage and, therefore, share a great number of features and performance benefits. However, there are some important differences, primarily in the execution environment.

SPDE should be considered an entry-level scalable product. It runs as a libname engine in the SAS environment. SPD Server is a standalone client/server product. Applications initially developed on SPDE can be migrated to SPD Server with ease, as the need to move to a full client/server environment arises. Compared to SPDE, SPD Server:

SPDE Engine or Base Engine?

SPDE is optimized for the storage and sequential access of large and very large data sets (millions of rows, many GB of data). For medium to small data sets, the base engine is often a better performer. Compared to the base engine, SPDE: