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2019 SAS Global Forum 2019 papers for SAS Visual Analytics
2018 Is Your Data Viable? Preparing Your Data for SAS® Visual Analytics 8.2 (PDF)
We all know that data preparation is crucial before you can derive any value from data through visualization and analytics. SAS Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® comes with a new rich HTML5 interface on top of a scalable compute engine that fosters new ways of preparing your data up-front. This paper guides you through the enhancements in data preparation with SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 and demonstrates valuable tips for reducing run-times of your data preparation tasks.
2018 Leverage Custom Geographical Polygons in SAS Visual Analytics (PDF)
SAS® Visual Analytics supports a number of predefined geo codes, including various country and subdivision lookups. However, often your own custom polygons or shape files draw exact boundaries for the regional overlay you are trying to explore. This paper demonstrates not only the different types of custom providers that are supported, but also shows how to leverage custom polygons within SAS Visual Analytics by showcasing industry examples.
2018 Making Data More Familiar: Region and Language Settings with SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
Do you like using SAS® with English text in the user interface, but miss date, time, datetime, and numeric formats that are familiar to you? SAS® Visual Analytics has a solution for you! This paper explains how you can separate the language in which your UI is displayed from the regional preferences used to format your data.
2018 New Location Analysis and Demographic Data Integration with SAS® Visual Analytics and Esri (PDF)
SAS continues to expand the location analytics capabilities that are offered in SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya®. This paper presents the new capabilities that can help you use the location information in business data.
2018 SAS® in Style: Customizing Solutions and Reports with SAS® Theme Designer (PDF)
This paper explores the process of using SAS® Theme Designer in conjunction with other applications such as SAS® Visual Analytics. This paper highlights the process of creating and modifying application themes, and previewing application color, font, and image changes within applications such as SAS Visual Analytics.
2018 Back to Basics: Get Better Insights from Data (PDF)
This paper shows you how to move beyond just pretty visualizations to get the most out of your data, big or small. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can explore your data. You can see the shape of your data. You can see potential relationships in your data. You can get a grasp of the power and limits of your data. With that understanding, you can get better insights.
2018 SAS® Visual Analytics 8.2: What's New in Reporting? (PDF)
SAS® Visual Analytics 8.2 extends the unified SAS® user experience to data exploration and reporting, adds new features to report content, and introduces exciting new report objects. This paper provides an overview of the major enhancements in user experience and reporting.
2018 Supercharge Your Dashboards with Infographic Concepts Using SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper shows you how to create infographic-inspired dashboards and reports that can be shared and dynamically explored by your teams using SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya®.
2018 There Is No Reason to Hide! Discovering the Benefits of Using Hidden Columns in SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper demonstrates the various methods in which one can use hidden data in report design, and the benefits each of these methods provides to report consumers. Examples include robust mapping between multiple data sources, creating improved color-mapped display rules, and, most importantly, dynamic linking to external web resources based on the values in one or more hidden columns in a list table.
2018 Tips and Techniques for Designing the Perfect Layout with SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
Do you want to create better reports but find it challenging to design the best layout to get your idea across to your consumers? This paper explores how to use the layout system and demonstrates what you can accomplish.
2017 Accessibility and SAS® Visual Analytics Viewers: Which Report Viewer is Best for Your Users' Needs? (PDF)
This paper provides a comprehensive assessment of the latest versions of all SAS Visual Analytics report viewers, using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 as a benchmark to evaluate accessibility.
2017 A New SAS® Mobile BI and Microsoft Windows 10 Application (PDF)
This paper demonstrates the new SAS mobile application for Microsoft Windows 10.
2017 Advanced Location Analytics Using Demographic Data from Esri and SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper focuses on importing custom shape files and how a business analyst can bring the demographic and lifestyle data from Esri into SAS® Visual Analytics.
2017 Using SAS® Viya® Microservices Logging for Performance Analysis of SAS® Visual Analytics 8.1 Reports (PDF)
This paper explains how to set logging levels for the SAS Visual Analytics reporting services so that you can record timing metrics for each report execution. The logged information can then be used to create a data source that you can use to analyze report performance.
2017 Five Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper contains several tips for creative ways to enhance your report. It covers topics such as relative-time calculations, weighted averages, and selecting the last day of the month by default.
2017 Using Segmentation to Build More Powerful Models with SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper covers the building and use of segmentation in predictive models and demonstrates how SAS Visual Analytics, with its point-and-click functionality and in-memory capability, can be used for an easy and comprehensive understanding of your customers, as well as predicting what they are likely to do next.
2017 Visualizing Reports with SAS® Theme Designer in SAS® Visual Analytics 8.1 (PDF)
The paper walks you through the process of using SAS Theme Designer and SAS Visual Analytics. It highlights creating and modifying application and report themes, previewing output in SAS Visual Analytics, and importing and exporting themes for reuse.
2017 An Introduction to SAS® Visual Analytics 8.1 (PDF)
This paper walks you through key features in SAS Visual Analytics 8.1. It familiarizes you with the new interface and highlights a few exciting new features like web content and donut pie charts. Finally, this paper touches upon the ability to promote your existing reports to the new environment.
2017 Designing for Performance - Best Practices for SAS® Visual Analytics Reports (PDF)
Based on proven best practices and existing customer implementations, this paper focuses on server-side performance, client-side performance, and design performance. The end result is a set of design techniques that you can use immediately to optimize report performance.
2017 How's your Sports ESP? Using SAS® Event Stream Processing with SAS® Visual Analytics to Analyze Sports Data (PDF)
This paper explores some of the readily available sources of live sports data and looks at how SAS® technologies, including SAS® Event Stream Processing and SAS® Visual Analytics, can be used to collect, store, process, and analyze the streamed data.
2017 Bringing Real-Time Scoring to Your SAS® Visual Analytics Dashboards with SAS® Visual Statistics Score Code (PDF)
This paper demonstrates how you can produce individualized risk scores through interactive dashboards. Your risk scores are backed by powerful SAS® analytics because they leverage score code that you produce in SAS® Visual Statistics.
2017 Nine Best Practices for Big Data Dashboards Using SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper helps you parallelize your work (where possible), maximize your data insights, and create a polished end product. It answers questions such as "How many objects are 'too many'?" and "When should I use multiple tabs versus report linking?"
2017 The SAS® Visual Analytics Environment: Behind the Scenes (PDF)
This paper covers some common management issues in SAS Visual Analytics, why and how they might arise, and how to resolve them. It discusses methods of programmatically managing your SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server and tables, as well as using SAS® Visual Analytics Administrator. Furthermore, it provides a better understanding of the roles in SAS Visual Analytics and demonstrates how to set up appropriate user permissions.
2017 Data Can Be Beautiful: Crafting a Compelling Story with SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper describes how to guide your reader's movement through a report to support comprehension of the data story. It includes tips on how to express quantitative data using the most appropriate graphs, suggests ways to organize content using visual design techniques, and explains how color can be used to enhance the efficacy of a report.
2017 Share the Wealth of Information in SAS® Environment Manager Logs (PDF)
This paper explains how to save and store SAS Environment Manager log data for use in SAS® Visual Analytics. You will find tips on structuring data for easy analysis and examples of using the data to make business decisions.
2017 Interactive Modeling in SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
SAS® Visual Analytics has two add-on offerings, SAS® Visual Statistics and SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, that provide knowledge workers and data scientists an interactive interface for data partition, data exploration, feature engineering, and rapid modeling. This paper focuses on the steps a user would perform during an interactive modeling session.
2016 Automating Load for Multiple Tables in SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper provides a custom solution for autoloading tables in one step, so that tables in SAS Visual Analytics don't have to be reloaded manually or multiple queries don't have to be rerun whenever there is a change in the source data.
2016 Bringing Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter Data to SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
Learn how to easily bring data from Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter into SAS® Visual Analytics to create interactive explorations and reports on this data along with your other data for better overall understanding of your marketing activity.
2016 Carry-On Suitcases and Mobile Devices: Using SAS® Visual Analytics Designer for Creating Optimally Designed Reports for SAS® Mobile BI (PDF)
This paper demonstrates how smaller real estate on mobile devices, as well as device orientation in portrait or landscape mode, influences best practices for designing reports.
2016 Designing SAS® Visual Analytics Reports: Write Once, View Anywhere (PDF)
This paper describes how you can design powerful reports that your users can easily view on all their devices. You also learn how to deliver reports to users effortlessly, ensuring that they always have the latest reports.
2016 Enhanced Segmentation Using SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS® Visual Statistics (PDF)
This paper discusses how to use SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics to graphically represent your customer data with respect to demographic, geographic, and customer behavioral dimensions.
2016 Getting Data into Your SAS® Cloud Environment (PDF)
This paper discusses how to get the best use out of cloud resources, how to efficiently transport information between systems, and how to continue to leverage data in an on-premises database management system (DBMS) in your future cloud system.
2016 If You Build It, Will They Understand? Designing Reports for the General Public in SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper provides tips and techniques for designing reports that the general public can easily understand and use to gain insight. You also learn how to leverage features that help you comply with your legal obligations regarding people with disabilities.
2016 Infographics Powered by SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS® Office Analytics (PDF)
This paper shows you how to create information graphics that can be printed, shared, and dynamically explored with objects and data from SAS® Visual Analytics. You will learn the workflow that lets you get the most from your SAS Visual Analytics system without having to code anything.
2016 Kerberos Delegation with SAS® 9.4 (PDF)
This paper demonstrates how you can configure Kerberos delegation with SAS® 9.4. You see how to validate the prerequisites, make the configuration changes, and use the applications.
2016 Location, Location, Location – Analytics with SAS® Visual Analytics and Esri (PDF)
This paper demonstrates and discusses the new partnership with Esri and the new capabilities added to SAS Visual Analytics.
2016 Rapid Prototyping: Accelerating Development of Your Organization's Reports Using SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper describes how you can take a single rich data set and build a set of template reports that demonstrate the full functionality of SAS® Visual Analytics.
2016 Reeling Them Back In – Keeping SAS® Visual Analytics Users Happy, Behind the Scenes (PDF)
This paper uses real-world scenarios to present practical ways to limit available resources and secure SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server data.
2016 The GEOCODE Procedure and SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper shows how PROC GEOCODE can be used to simplify the geocoding by processing your location information before putting your data into SAS Visual Analytics.
2016 Transform Data Using Expression Builder in SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper demonstrates how you can use the expression builder that is integrated into the data builder, the explorer, and the designer to create different types of expressions and transform data for analysis and reporting purpose.
2016 Using Metadata Queries To Build Row-Level Audit Reports in SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper provides you with the ability to easily apply, validate, report, and audit all tables that have row-level permissions, along with the groups, users, and conditions that will be applied.
2015 Access, Modify, Enhance: Self-Service Data Management in SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper provides a clear explanation of the self-service data management capabilities in SAS® Visual Analytics, including best practices and performance considerations.
2015 BI-on-BI for SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper discusses resource management, data compression, and out-of-the-box usage reporting of SAS® Visual Analytics.
2015 Creating Reports in SAS® Visual Analytics Designer that Dynamically Substitute Graph Roles on the Fly Using Parameterized Expressions (PDF)
This paper demonstrates how you can use parameterized expressions, calculated items, custom categories, and prompt controls in SAS® Visual Analytics Designer to create reports in which graph roles can be dynamically changed with the click of a button.
2015 HTML5 and SAS® Mobile BI—Empowering Business Managers with Analytics and Business Intelligence (PDF)
This paper focuses on both the new HTML5 based web viewer and the new advancements made with SAS® Mobile BI that empowers business users.
2015 How to Tell the Best Story with Your Data Using SAS® Visual Analytics Graph Builder (PDF)
This paper shows how to create multiple overlay graphs, single graphs with custom options, data-driven lattice graphs, and user-defined lattice graphs to vastly enhance the story-telling power of your reports and dashboards.
2015 Row-Level Security and SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper discusses the two methods that you can use to implement row-level security for SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server tables in SAS® Visual Analytics.
2015 SSL Configuration Best Practices for SAS® Visual Analytics 7.1 Web Applications and SAS® LASR™ Authorization Service (PDF)
This paper discusses the three distinctive SSL client/server combinations within the SAS® Visual Analytics 7.1 web application configuration.
2015 Sankey Diagrams in SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper discusses the components that make up a Sankey diagram, and demonstrates the best way to build a Sankey diagram using SAS® Visual Analytics.
2015 Take Your Data Analysis and Reporting to the Next Level by Combining SAS® Office Analytics, SAS® Visual Analytics, and SAS® Studio (PDF)
This paper discusses how the interoperability of SAS® Office Analytics, SAS® Visual Analytics, and SAS® Studio can be used to take your analysis and reporting to the next level.
2015 Taking the Path More Travelled – SAS® Visual Analytics and Path Analysis (PDF)
This paper explains the basic concepts of path analysis and provides detailed background information about how to use flow visualizations within SAS® Visual Analytics.
2015 Tips and Techniques for Efficiently Updating and Loading Data into SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper provides tips for developing an effective and robust data refresh strategy.
2015 SAS® Mobile BI Security and the Mobile Device (PDF)
This paper explains how to secure reports and data on your mobile devices by using features provided by SAS® Mobile BI and SAS® Visual Analytics.
2014 One Report, Many Languages: Using SAS® Analytics 7.1 to Localize Your Reports (PDF)
This paper describes how SAS® Visual Analytics Designer 7.1 delivers the Power to Know in the language preferred by the report user.
2014 Create Custom Graphs in SAS® Visual Analytics Using SAS® Visual Analytics Graph Builder (PDF)
This paper explains how to create custom graph objects in SAS Visual Analytics, including stock plots, butterfly charts, and more.
2014 From Traffic to Twitter – Exploring Networks with SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper explains the basic concepts of networks as well as provides detailed background information about how to use network visualizations within SAS Visual Analytics.
2014 Getting the Most Out of SAS® Visual Analytics: Design Tips for Creating More Stunning Reports (PDF)
This paper includes tips for making SAS Visual Analytics reports stand out from the pack. It covers concepts like color palettes, content organization, interactions, labeling, and branding.
2014 More Than a Map: Location Intelligence with SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper describes the essentials for achieving location intelligence and demonstrates with industry examples how SAS Visual Analytics makes it possible.
2014 Share Your SAS® Visual Analytics Reports with SAS® Office Analytics (PDF)
This paper explains how you can share your insights developed in SAS Visual Analytics with colleagues using the SAS Office Analytics integration with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft SharePoint.
2014 The Desert and the Dunes: Finding Oases and Avoiding Mirages with SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
Logical fallacies and misleading data patterns can easily deceive the unaware data explorer. This paper discusses how to recognize and neutralize these ‘mirages’ with the power of the SAS Visual Analytics Explorer.
2014 Unlock the Power of SAS® Visual Analytics Starting with Multiple Microsoft Excel Files (PDF)
This paper explores the capabilities of SAS Visual Analytics 6.3, starting with data stored in a desktop application as multiple Microsoft Excel files. It covers importing the data into SAS Visual Analytics, preparing the data using the data builder, loading the data into SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server, exploring the data, and creating reports.
2014 Self-Service Data Management: SAS® Visual Data Builder (PDF)
This paper discusses self-service data management techniques available using SAS Visual Data Builder as well as its unique features enabling it to load data into SAS® LASRTM Analytic Server.
2014 Big Data Everywhere! Easily Loading and Managing Your Data in the SAS® LASRTM Analytic Server (PDF)
This paper discusses a range of data scenarios from self-service spreadsheets to very large databases, from single-subject data to large star schema topologies, and from single-use data to continually updated data that requires high levels of resilience and monitoring.
2014 Secure Your Analytical Insights on the Plane, in the Café and on the Train with SAS® Mobile BI (PDF)
This paper explores the options available to secure a deployment of SAS Mobile BI with SAS® Visual Analytics.
2014 Designing for the Mobile Workforce (PDF)
This paper presents best practices and tips on how to optimize reports for mobile users, taking into consideration the constraints of limited screen real estate and connectivity, as well as answers a few frequently asked questions.
2014 An Advanced Fallback Authentication Framework for SAS® 9.4 and SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
SAS 9.4 and SAS Visual Analytics support a wide list of authentication protocols such as Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), client certificate, IBM WebSEAL, CA SiteMinder and SAML 2.0. This paper focuses on a “fallback” authentication framework that supports IWA as the primary authentication method.
2014 Considerations for Adding SAS® Visual Analytics to an Existing SAS® Business Intelligence Deployment (PDF)
Intended for SAS architects and administrators, this paper explores supported architecture for SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Business Intelligence. The paper then identifies areas where the architecture can be shared as well as where resources should be kept separate. In addition, the paper offers recommendations and other considerations to keep in mind when you are managing shared resources.
2014 Ebony and Ivory: SAS® Enterprise BI Software and SAS® Visual Analytics Living in Perfect Harmony (PDF)
This presentation covers 10 inter-operability integration points between SAS Enterprise BI software and SAS Visual Analytics.
2014 SAS® Grid Manager, SAS® Visual Analytics, and SAS® High-Performance Analytics: Sharing Hardware and More (PDF)
This paper discusses various methods for managing hardware resources in a multi-application environment. Specific strategies are suggested, along with implementation suggestions
2014 SAS® Visual Analytics for the Three Cs: Cloud, Consumerization, and Collaboration (PDF)
Based on proven best practices and existing customer implementations, the paper focuses on architecture, processes, and design for reliability and scalable multi-tenancy.
2014 Security Scenario for SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper approaches security in SAS Visual Analytics from the perspective of an administrator who is securing the environment for himself, a data builder, and a report consumer.
2013 Whirlwind Tour Around SAS® Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper presents a whirlwind tour through SAS Visual Analytics 6.1 inspired by customer experiences and use cases.
2013 The Forest and the Trees: See it All with SAS® Visual Analytics Explorer (PDF)
This paper explains how data exploration journeys usually follow a generic workflow composed of nine well-defined tasks that are easy to perform using SAS Visual Analytics Explorer.