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September 2017 Increasing Your Productivity with New Features in SAS® Enterprise Guide® (PDF)
This paper enumerates the many ways SAS Enterprise Guide can help you work more efficiently using new features like the DATA step debugger.
May 2015 Find What You Are Looking For And More in SAS® Enterprise Guide® (PDF)
This paper explains some of the new features in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1, including how to track changes to your SAS® programs, how to upload data to the SAS® LASR Analytic Server, and how to view SAS® Visual Analytics reports.
May 2015 Take Your Data Analysis and Reporting to the Next Level by Combining SAS® Office Analytics, SAS® Visual Analytics, and SAS® Studio (PDF)
This paper discusses how the interoperability of SAS® Office Analytics, SAS® Visual Analytics, and SAS® Studio can be used to take your analysis and reporting to the next level.
May 2015 Feeling Anxious about Transitioning from Desktop to Server? Key Considerations to Diminish Your Administrators' and Users' Jitters (PDF)
This paper outlines the five key considerations for changing your configuration from PC-based SAS® to using SAS on a Windows server.
June 2011 What SAS® Administrators Should Know about Libraries, Metadata, and SAS® Enterprise Guide® (PDF)
For SAS 9.2 and SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 and 4.3. This document describes the behaviors of the META engine and its use in SAS Enterprise Guide and provides guidance to SAS administrators who would like to see the libraries behave in a certain way.