What's New

What's New in SAS/CONNECT 9.2


SAS/CONNECT has the following changes or enhancements in this release:

New Features and Enhancements for Server Sign-On and Compute Services

When the SIGNON INHERITLIB= option is used with the SASCMD= option and the RSUBMIT INHERITLIB= option is used with the RSUBMIT SASCMD= option, and the client session and the server session attempt to access the same SAS file concurrently, only one of the sessions might be able to access the file.

The -LOGCONFIGLOC system option in a SAS invocation activates the SAS logging facility for a SAS/CONNECT session.

The SIGNON AUTHDOMAIN= option and RSUBMIT AUTHDOMAIN= option provide a convenient way to obtain the SAS metadata-based user credentials rather than having to explicitly supply them during server sign-on.

E-mail is a new supported value for the SIGNON NOTIFY= option and the RSUBMIT NOTIFY= option. New code examples are given for enabling and disabling notification in an asynchronous RSUBMIT.

The SIGNON SUBJECT= option and RSUBMIT SUBJECT= option are available when notification via e-mail is also specified.

An additional server sign-on method is provided for SAS/CONNECT: Sign-on to a server that is defined in the SAS Metadata Repository.

The SIGNON SERVER= option and RSUBMIT SERVER= option offer a convenient way to obtain the server sign-on properties that are associated with the SAS Application Server without having to explicitly supply them during server sign-on. The SAS Application Server contains a SAS/CONNECT server component in its grouping.

Enhancements for Remote Library Services

When using the LIBNAME statement and the SASESOCK engine to specify an alias for an implicit port, you must have access to a SAS metadata repository.

Documentation Enhancements

The descriptions of the syntax for the SAS/CONNECT statements are more readable and accessible than in previous documentation releases. More extensive information is provided for restrictions, examples, references, and interactions with other options in SAS/CONNECT statements.

Improved illustrations show SAS/CONNECT programming services Compute Services, Remote Library Services, and Data Transfer Services.

Although a brief summary of the SAS security technologies is provided, detailed information about SAS Proprietary, SAS/SECURE, SSL, SSH, and the networking and encryption SAS system options, is relocated to Encryption in SAS. Here are the relocated system options: