What's New

What's New in the SAS BI Dashboard 4.2


The SAS BI Dashboard 4.2 has the following enhancements and new features:
  • data source enhancements and new features

  • indicator enhancements

  • general enhancements

SAS BI Dashboard 4.3 is now available. For more information, see What's New in SAS BI Dashboard 4.3.

Data Source Enhancements and New Features

  • You can use filters defined in SAS Information Map Studio.

    When a dashboard administrator creates a SAS Information Map data source, one or more filters defined in SAS Information Map Studio can be applied. Filters with prompts are supported (but require that a default value be specified in SAS Information Map Studio).

  • You can specify the current date in a SAS Strategic Performance Management data source. Use the pound sign (#) to specify the current date.

  • You can create a data source based on a SAS metadata table.

Indicator Enhancements

  • The software now enables you to create alerts to signal changes to an indicator's value. This feature enables you to more easily focus on problem areas as they occur.

  • The software now provides better support for links to SAS Web Report Studio. Clicking a link to a report opens the report to the point where the indicator value is located.

General Enhancements

  • You can specify access rights on ranges.

    A dashboard administrator can control which users and user groups can edit a range definition, which provides better control of dashboards. Access rights to range definitions are provided in SAS Management Console.

  • You can show data using interactive displays that are based on Adobe Flash.

    The interactive summary chart and detail chart display and the interactive summary chart and detail plot display use Adobe Flash to enable dashboard users to interactively traverse large amounts of detailed data.