The INBREED Procedure

Missing Values

A missing value for a parent implies that the parent is unknown. Unknown parents are assumed to be unrelated and not inbred unless you specify the INIT= option.

When the value of the variable identifying the individual is missing, the observation is not added to the list of individuals. However, for a multiparous population, an observation with a missing individual is valid and is used for assigning covariances.

Missing covariance values are determined from the INIT=cov option, if specified. Observations with missing generation variables are excluded.

If the gender of an individual is missing, it is determined from the order in which it is listed on the first observation defining its progeny for an overlapping population. If it appears as the first parent, it is set to ‘M’; otherwise, it is set to ‘F’. When the gender of an individual cannot be determined, it is assigned a default value of ‘F’.