The ACECLUS Procedure

Displayed Output

Unless the SHORT option is specified, the ACECLUS procedure displays the following items:

  • Means and Standard Deviations of the input variables

  • the $\mb {S}$ matrix, labeled COV: Total Sample Covariances

  • the name or value of the matrix used for the Initial Within-Cluster Covariance Estimate

  • the Threshold value if the PROPORTION= option is specified

For each iteration, PROC ACECLUS displays the following items:

  • the Iteration number

  • RMS Distance, the root mean square distance between all pairs of observations

  • the Distance Cutoff $(u)$ for including pairs of observations in the estimate of the within-cluster covariances, which equals the RMS distance times the threshold

  • the number of Pairs Within Cutoff

  • the Convergence Measure $(e_ i)$ as specified by the METRIC= option

If the SHORT option is not specified, PROC ACECLUS also displays the $\mb {A}$ matrix, labeled ACE: Approximate Covariance Estimate Within Clusters.

The ACECLUS procedure displays a table of eigenvalues from the canonical analysis containing the following items:

  • Eigenvalues of Inv(ACE)*(COV–ACE)

  • the Difference between successive eigenvalues

  • the Proportion of variance explained by each eigenvalue

  • the Cumulative proportion of variance explained

If the SHORT option is not specified, PROC ACECLUS displays the following items:

  • the Eigenvectors or raw canonical coefficients

  • the standardized eigenvectors or standard canonical coefficients