Using the Output Delivery System

LISTING Output in the SAS Windowing Environment

In the LISTING destination, tables are displayed in monospace, and graphs are not integrated with tables. You can create LISTING output by selecting Tools $\blacktriangleright $ Options $\blacktriangleright $ Preferences from the menu at the top of the main SAS window. Then click the Results tab. Select Create listing, and clear Create HTML. See Figure 20.2. Tabular results are viewed in the Output window. Graphical results are viewed by selecting graphs in the Results window.

You can enable or disable ODS Graphics by default by using the Use ODS Graphics check box, and you can use the ODS GRAPHICS ON and ODS GRAPHICS OFF statements to enable and disable ODS Graphics in your SAS programs.

Figure 20.2: SAS Results Tab for LISTING Output

 SAS Results Tab for LISTING Output