Syntax: LIFEREG Procedure

The following statements are available in PROC LIFEREG:

PROC LIFEREG <options> ;
BY variables ;
CLASS variables ;
INSET <keyword-list> </ options> ;
MODEL response=<effects> </ options> ;
OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set> <keyword=name ...keyword=name> <options> ;
PROBPLOT </ options> ;
WEIGHT variable ;

The PROC LIFEREG statement invokes the procedure. The MODEL statement is required and specifies the variables used in the regression part of the model as well as the distribution used for the error, or random, component of the model. Only a single MODEL statement can be used with one invocation of the LIFEREG procedure. If multiple MODEL statements are present, only the last is used. Main effects and interaction terms can be specified in the MODEL statement, as in the GLM procedure. Initial values can be specified in the MODEL statement or in an INEST= data set. If no initial values are specified, the starting estimates are obtained by ordinary least squares. The CLASS statement determines which explanatory variables are treated as categorical. The WEIGHT statement identifies a variable with values that are used to weight the observations. Observations with zero or negative weights are not used to fit the model, although predicted values can be computed for them. The OUTPUT statement creates an output data set containing predicted values and residuals.