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Statistical Graphics Using ODS

Contour Plots with PROC KRIGE2D

This example is taken from Example 46.2 of Chapter 46, The KRIGE2D Procedure. The following statements create a SAS data set that contains measurements of coal seam thickness:

data thick;
   input East North Thick @@;
   label Thick='Coal Seam Thickness';
 0.7  59.6  34.1   2.1  82.7  42.2   4.7  75.1  39.5

   ... more lines ...   


The following statements set the output style to DEFAULT and run PROC KRIGE2D:

ods listing style=default;
ods graphics on;

proc krige2d data=thick outest=predictions
                    pred(fill=pred line=pred obs=linegrad)
                    pred(fill=se line=se obs=linegrad));
   coordinates xc=East yc=North;
   predict var=Thick r=60;
   model scale=7.2881 range=30.6239 form=gauss;
   grid x=0 to 100 by 2.5 y=0 to 100 by 2.5;

The PLOTS=OBSERV(SHOWMISSING) option produces a scatter plot of the data along with the locations of any missing data. The PLOTS=PRED option produces maps of the kriging predictions and standard errors. Two instances of the PLOTS=PRED option are specified with suboptions that customize the plots. The results are shown in Figure 21.7.

Figure 21.7 PROC KRIGE2D Results Using the DEFAULT Style
PROC KRIGE2D Results Using the DEFAULT StylePROC KRIGE2D Results Using the DEFAULT Style, continuedPROC KRIGE2D Results Using the DEFAULT Style, continued

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