Create Input and Output Variables from a SAS Code File

You can create model input and output variables from the file. Creating the variables enables you to generate missing metadata for model variables.
  1. On the Model Properties page, select Advanced then selectModel Files.
  2. Select a SAS code (.sas) file and click Create input and output variables (for example,
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation messages to replace the existing input and output variables. The Create Input and Output Variables window appears.
    Create Input and Output Variables
    Note: If a champion is already set, you might receive another message indicating that the champion and challenger models will be cleared. Also, if you add new variables that are not project variables, you are prompted to add the model variables to the project variables when setting the model as the champion.
  4. Select input variables that you want to add as output variables for the model.
  5. Click OK. The inputvar.xml and outputvar.xml model files are generated.
Last updated: February 14, 2017