Overview of Portfolios

SAS Model Manager enables you to create a portfolio in the model repository. You use a portfolio to manage multiple projects and models in one place. From a portfolio level, you can create multiple projects from a control table and then add new versions or new input variables to all projects within the portfolio. After you set the champion model for each project, you can monitor the performance of the champion models for all projects and publish the champion models to the SAS Metadata Repository.
Portfolios are also created when you use SAS Factory Miner to register projects to the model repository. The portfolios contain the project segments and models from the SAS Factory Miner project. For more information about how to register SAS Factory Miner project segments and models, see SAS Factory Miner: User’s Guide
Note: Because of how portfolios and projects are created in the SAS Model Manager model repository, SAS Factory Miner project names, model names, and segment variable values cannot contain special characters. That is, only alphanumeric characters, the underscore, and the hyphen are allowed. Users are unable to register models when special characters are encountered.
Portfolios category view
Last updated: February 14, 2017