Overview: METAOPERATE Procedure

The METAOPERATE procedure enables you to perform administrative tasks in batch mode that are associated with the SAS Metadata Server. PROC METAOPERATE performs the following tasks:
  • delete, empty, or unregister a SAS Metadata Repository
  • pause the metadata server to temporarily change it to a more restrictive state, and then resume it to the online state
  • refresh the metadata server to:
    • recover memory
    • reload authorization inheritance rules
    • enable or disable Application Response Measurement (ARM) logging
    • specify a new filename for metadata server journaling
  • stop or get the status of the metadata server
Beginning in SAS 9.3, PROC METAOPERATE can be used to:
  • execute an ad hoc server backup
  • change the metadata server's backup configuration
  • change the metadata server's backup schedule
  • recover the SAS Metadata Server from an earlier backup, and perform roll-forward recovery from the metadata server journal
  • terminate the recovery if you need to regain control of the metadata server during the recovery process
  • rebuild or restart the scheduler that executes the server backups
The METADATA procedure performs some of the same tasks as PROC METAOPERATE. For more information, see Comparison of the METADATA Procedure and the METAOPERATE Procedure.