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Functions and CALL Routines

INPUTN Function

Enables you to specify a numeric informat at run time.
Category: Special

Example 1: Specifying Numeric Informats
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INPUTN(source, informat<,w<,d>>)



specifies a character constant, variable, or expression to which you want to apply the informat.


is a character constant, variable or expression that contains the numeric informat you want to apply to source.


is a numeric constant, variable, or expression that specifies a width to apply to the informat.

Interaction: If you specify a width here, it overrides any width specification in the informat.

is a numeric constant, variable, or expression that specifies the number of decimal places to use.

Interaction: If you specify a number here, it overrides any decimal-place specification in the informat.


The INPUTC function enables you to specify a character informat at run time. Using the INPUT function is faster because you specify the informat at compile time.


Example 1: Specifying Numeric Informats

The PROC FORMAT step in this example creates a format, READDATE., that formats the variable values 1 and 2 with the name of a SAS date informat. The DATA step creates a SAS data set from raw data originally from two different sources (indicated by the value of the variable SOURCE). Each source specified dates differently. After reading a record, the DATA step uses the value of SOURCE to create a variable, DATEINF, that contains the value of the appropriate informat for reading the date. The DATA step also creates a new variable, NEWDATE, whose value is a SAS date. The INPUTN function assigns the value of NEWDATE based on the source of the observation and the appropriate informat.

   proc format;
      value readdate 1='date7.'

   options yearcutoff=1920;

   data fixdates (drop=start dateinformat);
      length jobdesc $12;
      input source id lname $ jobdesc $ start $;
      dateinformat=put(source, readdate.);
      newdate = inputn(start, dateinformat);
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   1 2010 Clavell editor 26jan95
   2 1833 Rivera writer 10/25/92
   2 2222 Barnes proofreader 3/26/98

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