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queues SAS statements into the command input stream

CALL QUEUE( argument1<, argument2,..., argument15>);

where argument is a character matrix or quoted literal containing valid SAS statements.

The QUEUE subroutine places character arguments containing valid SAS statements (usually SAS/IML statements or global statements) at the end of the input command stream. You can specify up to 15 arguments. The string queued is read after other lines of input already on the queue. If you want to push the lines in front of other lines already in the queue, use the PUSH subroutine instead. Any statements queued to the input command queue get executed when the module is put in a hold state. This is usually induced by one of the following:

The strings you queue do not appear on the log.

CAUTION: Do not queue too much code at one time.

Queuing too much code at one time, or getting into infinite loops of queuing, causes problems that can result in exiting the SAS System.

For more examples, consult Chapter 15.

An example that uses the QUEUE subroutine follows:

    start mod(x); 
       call queue (code,'resume;'); 
    run mod(x); 
This code produces the following result:

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