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Functions and CALL Routines under OpenVMS

FOPEN Function: OpenVMS

Opens an external file and returns a file identifier value.
Category: External Files
OpenVMS specifics: Files are not closed automatically after processing
See: FOPEN Function in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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FOPEN('fileref '<,open-mode<,record-length <,record-format>>>)

Note:   This is a simplified version of the FOPEN function syntax. For the complete syntax and its explanation, see the FOPEN function in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.  [cautionend]

'fileref '

is a character constant, variable, or expression that specifies the fileref that is assigned to an external file. The value for fileref must be enclosed in single or double quotation marks.


FOPEN returns a 0 if the file could not be opened.

Under OpenVMS, you must close files with the FCLOSE function at the end of a DATA step; files are not closed automatically after processing.

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