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System Options under UNIX

STDIO System Option: UNIX

Specifies whether SAS should use stdin, stdout, and stderr.
Default: NOSTDIO
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, SASV9_OPTIONS environment variable
Category: Input control: Data processing
UNIX specifics: all

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This option tells SAS to take its input from standard input (stdin), to write its log to standard error (stderr), and to write its output to standard output (stdout).

This option is designed for running SAS in batch mode or from a shell script. If you specify this option interactively, SAS starts a line mode session. The STDIO option overrides the DMS, DMSEXP, and EXPLORER system options.

The STDIO option does not affect the assignment of the Stdio, Stdin, and Stderr filerefs. See Filerefs Assigned by SAS in UNIX Environments for more information.

For example, in the following SAS command, the file myinput is used as the source program, and files myoutput and mylog are used for the procedure output and log respectively.

sas -stdio < myinput > myoutput 2> mylog

If you are using the C shell, you should use parentheses:

(sas -stdio < myinput > myoutput ) >& output_log

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