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Data Set Options under UNIX

ALTER= Data Set Option: UNIX

Specifies a password for a SAS file that prevents users from replacing or deleting the file, but permits Read and Write access.
Default: none
Valid in: DATA step and PROC steps
Category: Data Set Control
Engines: V9, V8, V6
UNIX specifics: TAPE engines ignore the alter-password
See: ALTER= Data Set Option in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary





must be a valid SAS name. See Rules for Words and Names in the SAS Language in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.


The ALTER= option applies to all types of SAS files except catalogs. You can use this option to assign an alter-password to a SAS file or to access a read-protected, write-protected, or alter-protected SAS file.

Note:   Under UNIX, TAPE engines ignore the alter-password.  [cautionend]

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