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System Options under UNIX

RSASUSER System Option: UNIX

Controls whether members of the Sasuser library can be opened for update or for read-only access.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, SASV9_OPTIONS environment variable
Category: Environment control: Files
UNIX specifics: network considerations
See: RSASUSER System Option in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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limits access to the Sasuser library to read-only access. (If the Sasuser library is being shared by multiple users or the same user is running SAS multiple times simultaneously, the Sasuser library is often shared.) By default, if one user has a member of the Sasuser library open for update, all other users are denied access to that SAS library member. For example, if one user is writing to the Sasuser.Profile catalog, no other user can even read data from the Profile catalog.

Specifying RSASUSER enables a group of users to share Sasuser library members by allowing all users read-only access to members. In the Profile catalog example, if RSASUSER is in effect, all users can open the Profile catalog for read-only access, allowing other users to concurrently read from the Profile catalog. However, no user can write information out to the Profile catalog; you receive an error message if you try to do so.

Specifying RSASUSER from the command line affects only that session's access to files. To enable a group of users to share members in the Sasuser library, the system manager should set RSASUSER in a common SAS configuration file, which is shared by all users who will be sharing the Sasuser library.

If you specify RSASUSER but no Profile catalog exists in the Sasuser library, the Profile catalog is created in the Work library.

Note:   While the RSASUSER option is extremely useful for sharing information (such as the Profile catalog) stored in the Sasuser library, it is less practical when used in conjunction with SAS/ASSIST software or other SAS modules that require Update access to the Sasuser library.  [cautionend]


prevents users from sharing members of the Sasuser library because it allows a user to open a file in the Sasuser library for Update access. Update access requires exclusive rights to the library member.

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