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System Options under UNIX

CLEANUP System Option: UNIX

Specifies how to handle out-of-resource conditions.
Default: CLEANUP for interactive modes; NOCLEANUP otherwise
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SASV9_OPTIONS environment variable
Category: Environment control: Error handling
UNIX specifics: behavior when running in interactive line mode and batch mode
See: CLEANUP System Option in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary





specifies that during the entire session, SAS attempts to perform automatic, continuous cleanup of resources that are not essential for execution. Nonessential resources include those resources that are not visible to the user (for example, cache memory) and those resources that are visible to the user (for example, the Keys window).

CLEANUP does not prompt you before SAS attempts to clean up your disk. However, when an out-of-disk-space condition occurs and your display is attached to the process, you are prompted with a menu selection even if the CLEANUP option is on. If you do not want to be prompted for out-of-disk-space conditions, use the CLEANUP option with the NOTERMINAL option.

When the CLEANUP option is on, SAS performs automatic continuous cleanup. If not enough resources are recovered, the request for the resource fails, and an appropriate error message is written to the SAS log.

CLEANUP is the default in batch mode because there is no display attached to the process to accommodate prompting.


specifies that SAS allows the user to choose how to handle an out-of-resource condition. When NOCLEANUP is in effect and SAS cannot execute because of a lack of resources, SAS automatically attempts to clean up resources that are not visible to the user (for example, cache memory). However, resources that are visible to the user (for example, the Keys window) are not automatically cleaned up. Instead, SAS prompts you before attempting to clean up your disk.


The CLEANUP system option indicates whether you should be prompted with a menu of items to be cleaned up when SAS encounters an out-of-resource condition. In batch mode, SAS ignores this option, and if an out-of-resource condition occurs, the SAS session terminates.

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