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Working in the SAS Windowing Environment

Displaying Function Key Definitions in UNIX Environments

Benefits of Assigning Function Key Definitions

Function keys provide quick access to commands. They enable you to issue commands, insert text strings, and insert commands in programs. Function key definitions can be different on different terminals. These definitions are fully customizable.

How to Display Function Key Definitions

You can open the KEYS (DMKEYS) window to display all of your function key definitions in one of the following ways:


[KEYS (DMKEYS) Window]

To view a single key definition without bringing up the KEYS window, use the KEYDEF command and specify the key definition that you want to view. For example, the following command displays the definition for key F4:

keydef f4

For information about customizing key definitions, see Customizing Key Definitions in UNIX Environments. See Base SAS Help for more information about the Keys window and the KEYDEF command.

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