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Informats under UNIX

ZDw.d Informat: UNIX

Reads zoned decimal data.
Category: Numeric
Width range: 1 to 32
Default width: 1
UNIX specifics: last byte includes the sign; data representation
See: ZDw.d informat in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary



The ZDw.d informat reads zoned decimal data; it is also known as overprint trailing numeric format. Under UNIX, the last byte of the field includes the sign along with the last digit. The conversion table for the last byte is as follows:

Digit ASCII Character Digit ASCII Character
0 { -0 }
1 A -1 J
2 B -2 K
3 C -3 L
4 D -4 M
5 E -5 N
6 F -6 O
7 G -7 P
8 H -8 Q
9 I -9 R

For more information, see ZDw.d Format: UNIX and Reading and Writing Binary Data in UNIX Environments.

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