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Formats under UNIX

HEXw. Format: UNIX

Converts real binary (floating-point) numbers to hexadecimal representation.
Category: Numeric
Width range: 1 to 16
Default width: 8
Alignment: left
UNIX specifics: floating-point representation
See: HEXw. format in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary



The HEXw. format converts a real (floating-point) binary number to its hexadecimal representation. When you specify a width value of 1 through 15, the real binary number is truncated to a fixed-point integer before being converted to a hexadecimal number. When you specify 16 for the width, SAS writes the floating-point value of the number, but does not truncate it.

Note:   UNIX systems vary widely in their floating-point representation. See Reading and Writing Binary Data in UNIX Environments for more information.  [cautionend]

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