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Working in the SAS Windowing Environment

Using Drag and Drop in UNIX Environments

Difference between Default and Non-Default Drag and Drop

The SAS windowing environment on UNIX offers two types of drag and drop: default and non-default. Default drag and drop enables you to move text from one place to another. Non-default drag and drop enables you to choose whether to move or copy the text, submit the text if you are dragging SAS code, or cancel the drag and drop operation. With default drag and drop, you can drag text between SAS windows in different SAS sessions and between SAS windows and other Motif applications, such as Netscape, that support drag and drop. Non-default drag and drop is available only between windows in the same SAS session.

Limitations of Drag and Drop in UNIX

Under UNIX, you cannot drag and drop files or RTF (Rich Text Format) text.

How to Drag and Drop Text

To drag and drop text, first mark the text in one of the ways described in Selecting (Marking) Text in UNIX Environments. To use default drag and drop, use the middle mouse button to drag the text where you want it. To use non-default drag and drop, press and hold the ALT (or EXTEND CHAR) key before you release the mouse button.

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