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System Options under UNIX

SYSIN System Option: UNIX

Specifies the default location of SAS source code when running in batch mode.
Default: none
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, SASV9_OPTIONS environment variable
Category: Environment control: Files
UNIX specifics: all

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-SYSIN filename | -NOSYSIN

-SYSIN filename

specifies an external file. The value for filename must be a valid UNIX filename.


invokes SAS, processes the autoexec file, and then terminates SAS, returning you to the command prompt.


This option applies only when you are using batch mode. It is not necessary to precede the filename with the SYSIN option if the filename immediately follows the keyword SAS. For example, the following two SAS commands are equivalent:

   sas saspgms/
   sas -sysin saspgms/

The syntax of the SYSIN system option also enables you to specify NOSYSIN. If you specify NOSYSIN, SAS is invoked, the autoexec file is processed, and then SAS terminates, returning you to the command prompt. The following example shows the syntax:

sas -nosysin -autoexec

This option is useful if you want to test an autoexec file without actually running a complete SAS session.

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