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Functions and CALL Routines under UNIX

FINFO Function: UNIX

Returns the value of a file information item for an external file.
Category: External Files
UNIX specifics: info-item is available
See: FINFO Function in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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FINFO(file-id, info-item)


specifies the identifier that was assigned when the file was opened, generally by the FOPEN function.


specifies the name of the file information item to be retrieved. This value is a character value. Info-item is either a variable containing a valid value or the valid value in quotation marks.

Under UNIX, info-item for disk files can have one of the following values:

  • Filename

  • Owner Name

  • Group Name

  • Access Permission

  • File Size (bytes)

If you concatenate filenames, then an additional info-item is available: File List.

If you are using pipe files, then the only valid value for info-item is PIPE Command.


The FINFO function returns the value of a system-dependent information item for an external file that was previously opened and assigned a file-id by the FOPEN function. FINFO returns a blank if the value given for info-item is invalid.

For an example of how to use the FINFO function, see Example: File Attributes When Using the Pipe Device Type.

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