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Commands under UNIX


Specifies how often the Log and Output windows scroll to display output.
UNIX specifics: valid arguments and default values




n specifies the number of lines that the window should scroll when it receives a line of data that cannot fit.


The AUTOSCROLL command controls the scrolling of lines as they are written to the Log and Output windows. The default value for AUTOSCROLL in the Log and Output windows is 1 . Processing is slower when AUTOSCROLL displays one line at a time. To expedite processing, you can specify a greater AUTOSCROLL value in your file. Specifying a value of 0 optimizes processing and results in the fastest scrolling (similar to jump scrolling in xterm windows). To add the AUTOSCROLL command to your file, you must use the DM command. The following example maximizes scrolling in both the Log and Output windows:

dm 'output; autoscroll 0; log; autoscroll 0; pgm;';

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