Publish a Decision

Publishing is the process of making the decision available to be run by other applications. You can choose to publish a decision as a SAS Micro Analytic Service module or as a Decision Logic metadata object. The method that you choose depends on how other applications will run the decision. To publish a decision:
  1. Open the decision.
  2. Click Publish. The Publish Decision window appears.
  3. Select the method that you want to use to publish the decision.
    Use the SAS Micro Analytic Service to process transactions
    creates a REST endpoint in the SAS Micro Analytics Service instance that is running within your current SAS deployment. . Any application that can call REST services can use the module to process web service transactions. See SAS Micro Analytic Service: Programming and Administration Guide for more information.
    Use a Decision Logic object in batch applications
    writes a Decision Logic metadata object to the SAS Metadata Repository. Batch applications such as SAS Data Integration Studio jobs can then use the object. For information about metadata objects, see SAS Metadata Server in SAS Intelligence Platform: Overview.
  4. Select whether you want to publish a new module or object, or replace a previously published one. If you publish the decision as a Decision Logic object, the Location field is enabled.
    Note: If you replace a previously published module, Decision Builder replaces the last module that was published for the decision. If you replace a previously published Decision Logic object, Decision Builder replaces the last object that was published for the decision in the location that you select in Step 5.
  5. (Optional) Select the location in metadata where you want to publish the Decision Logic object.
  6. Click Publish. Decision Builder notifies you whether the decision was successfully published, and if so, provides additional information about the published object or module.
  7. Click Close to close the decision.
See Deploy the Decision in SAS Data Integration Studio for an example of how you can run the published decision in a SAS Data Integration Studio job.
Last updated: February 22, 2017