Deploy the Decision in SAS Data Integration Studio

When you publish decisions as Decision Logic objects, they are available for use by other applications such as SAS Data Integration Studio. Because decisions incorporate both rule flows and models, the process of adding rule flows and models to SAS Data Integration Studio jobs is simplified. You can add decisions to the job instead of individual models and rule flows.
In this tutorial, you create a SAS Data Integration Studio job that uses the decision that you created in Create and Publish a Decision.
To create and run a job in SAS Data Integration Studio:
Create a new job.
  1. Right-click on the folder where you want to create the new job, and select Newthen selectJob. The New Job window appears.
    This tutorial creates the new job in My Folder.
  2. Enter ScoreLoanDecision for the job name, and click OK.
  3. If you are prompted to select a default application server, select SASApp, and click OK.
Add the data source for the decision.
  1. On the Folders tab, expand Shared Datathen selectModel Managerthen selectQSTutorial.
  2. Drag the HMEQ_SCORE_PROB_OUTPUT data source to the Job Editor window.
Add the decision to the job.
  1. On the Folders tab, navigate to the location where you published the Loan_Decision decision.
  2. Drag the Loan_Decision decision to the Job Editor window.
  3. Drag the cursor from the input table to the decision.
Add a table loader for the decision results table.
  1. On the Transformations tab, expand Access.
  2. Drag the Table Loader to the Job Editor window.
Create a decision results table.
  1. On the Folders tab, right-click on My Folder, and select Newthen selectTable. The New Table wizard opens.
  2. Enter DecisionResults for the table name, and click Next. The Table Storage window appears.
  3. Select QSTutorial for the Library, and click Next. (Use the default values for the remaining fields.) The Select Columns window appears.
  4. Select the Inventory tab.
  5. Expand Library, expand QSTutorial, select HMEQ_SCORE_PROB_OUTPUT, and click right arrow.
  6. Click Next. The Change Columns/Indexes window appears.
  7. Click Next, and then click Finish.
  8. Drag the DecisionResults table to the Job Editor window.
Connect the output table and run the decision.
  1. Drag the cursor from the EDM Results output port of the decision to the table loader.
  2. Drag the cursor from the table loader to the DecisionResults output table.
    Decision Flow diagram created in SAS Data Integration Studio
  3. Click Run to run the job.
Last updated: February 22, 2017