About the SAS Migration Utility

The SAS Migration Utility is an Ant-based framework and set of SAS product extensions whose primary purpose is to create a package of your current SAS content—data and configuration—that the SAS Deployment Wizard will use when it installs and configures SAS 9.3. The migration utility framework consists of a two-phase process: an analyze phase, and a package phase.
In the analyze phase, the migration utility locates the SAS content required for migration, performs a validation to ensure the content can be reliably migrated, and saves the required information for the migration utility package phase. During the analyze phase, the migration utility also generates a migration analysis report that you can use to inventory and enumerate those SAS products found on your current SAS system to be eligible for automatic migration with the deployment wizard.
In the package phase, the migration utility searches the system and copies SAS content into a migration package that will be used by the deployment wizard as it installs and configures SAS 9.3. For a description of the content that is migrated, see What Can Be Migrated? in SAS Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide.