About Using the SAS Migration Utility to Copy an Existing Deployment

You can use the SAS Migration Utility along with the SAS Deployment Wizard to create a second SAS 9.3 deployment that contains the same SAS content and the same configuration as an existing SAS 9.3 deployment. This capability is useful in the following situations:
  • You have created and verified a SAS deployment in a test environment, and you want to replicate that deployment in a production environment.
  • You want to use the SAS deployment in your production environment as the basis for creating a deployment in a test environment or a development environment.
  • You need to create a mirror of your SAS deployment for disaster recovery purposes.
  • You want to move your SAS deployment to upgraded hardware.
The following limitations apply to the use of the SAS Migration Utility:
  • The two deployments must have the same topology. That is, the SAS architecture must be deployed across physical machines in the same fashion.
  • The SAS components must run on the same operating system family in both deployments. You can migrate within the Windows family (for example, Windows 32-bit to Windows 64-bit) or migrate within the UNIX family (for example, Solaris to HP-UX).
  • You can use the SAS Migration Utility only for the initial replication of a deployment. The utility cannot be used to refresh or update an existing deployment. You can refresh the deployment as needed by using the promotion tools to copy specific content items from one deployment to another.
Be sure to use the correct version of the SAS Migration Utility. When you migrate from a SAS 9.3 deployment, use smu93_32.exe, smu93_x64.exe, smu93.sh, or smu93.zos.