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Managing Workspace Servers and Stored Process Servers

Adding Environment Variables to Server Invocations

You can add operating system environment variables and other shell-level functionality to a stored process server, workspace server, pooled workspace server, and OLAP server, by modifying the corresponding (.bat) files provided in the server's configuration directory.

This can be useful for situations such as when you have to set an environment variable in order to access a third-party DBMS.

Because the _usermods files are sourced within each of the server wrapper scripts, the server inherits any logic or environment. SAS preserves _usermods files during software updates and migrations, unlike the server wrapper scripts, which SAS overwrites. For this reason, we discourage editing the wrapper scripts.

The USERMODS_OPTIONS= variable is used in the _usermods file to alter the SAS command line to invoke the server.

For more information, see About Other SAS Server Configuration Files in the SAS Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide.

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