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Managing Workspace Servers and Stored Process Servers

Encoding and Locale Information

If your SAS server metadata contains characters other than those typically found in the English language, then you must be careful to start your SAS server with an ENCODING= or LOCALE= system option that accommodates those characters. For example, a SAS server that is started with the default US English locale cannot read metadata that contains Japanese characters. SAS will fail to start and will log a message that indicates a transcoding failure. In general, different SAS jobs or servers can run with different encodings (such as ASCII, EBCDIC, or various Asian DBCS encodings) as long as the encoding that is used by the particular job or server can represent all of the characters for the data that is being processed. When first configuring your server, review the characters that are used in the metadata that describes your server (as indicated by the SERVER= objectserverparm) in order to ensure that SAS runs under an encoding that supports those characters.

For more information, see Overview to National Language Support in the SAS National Language Support (NLS): Reference Guide and Reference: Configuration Files for SAS Servers in the SAS Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide.

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