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Using SAS 9.2 ARM Interface with Existing ARM Applications

Adding ARM to an Existing SAS Application that Contains Extensive Use of ARM Instrumentation

An application created before SAS 9.2 that extensively uses ARM user-defined metrics and correlators continues to execute without modification.

Although you can execute the application without modification, you can enhance performance by making the following changes to the application:

  1. Create a SAS logging facility -logconfigloc configuration file. For an example, see XML Configuration File. For more information about the SAS logging facility, see SAS Logging: Configuration and Programming Reference.

  2. Specify <name="ManageCorrelators"> and <value="FALSE"> (if correlators are defined) in the SAS logging facility configuration file.

  3. Specify ARMAGENT=LOG4SAS in a configuration file or within SAS language code.

  4. Review the additional user metrics in Default User Metrics within Performance Macros, and add these metric definitions and values to your %ARMGTID, %ARMSTRT, and %ARMSTOP macros.

The SAS logging facility, using the pattern layouts and conversion specifiers, enables you to customize output format and layout. Using default correlation and the additional user metrics enables you to isolate performance issues within the application.

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