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Using SAS 9.2 ARM Interface with Existing ARM Applications

Adding ARM to an Existing SAS Application that Contains Basic ARM Instrumentation

The SAS 9.2 ARM interface enables applications to conform to ARM 2.0 without modification, supports enhanced metric capabilities, and, by using the SAS logging facility, provides greater flexibility and control of the output data formats. Basic ARM 2.0 instrumentation does not contain user-defined metrics or correlation.

The following steps are the recommended changes to an application that contains basic ARM instrumentation:

  1. Create a SAS logging facility -logconfigloc configuration file. For an example, see XML Configuration File. For more information about the SAS logging facility, see SAS Logging: Configuration and Programming Reference.

  2. Specify ARMAGENT=LOG4SAS in a configuration file or within SAS language code.

  3. Replace the %ARMINIT and %ARMEND macros with the %PERFINIT and %PERFEND macros.

  4. Replace the %ARMSTRT and %ARMSTOP macros with the %PERFSTRT and %PERFSTOP macros.

    Note:   The simplified syntax of the %PERFSTRT and %PERFSTOP macros contains the additional default user metrics, which include memory, thread count, and disk Read and Write statistics.  [cautionend]

The SAS logging facility contains transaction metrics for key events. The output destination, output format, and quantity of the information can be defined in a file appender.

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