SAS Studio: Help Center

How does SAS Studio help me write programs?

It is easier than ever to program in SAS. All you need to do is open SAS Studio and start writing your program. As you enter your code, you'll notice that SAS Studio has several features to help you reduce your programming time, including autocomplete for hundreds of SAS statements and procedures as well as built-in syntax help that includes links to the more extensive SAS Product Documentation.

Code example that shows autocomplete and syntax help

The SAS Product Documentation provides more comprehensive usage information about the SAS language, but the syntax help in the code editor can get you started with a hint about the syntax or a brief description of the keyword.

NoteTo display the syntax help each time you position your mouse pointer over a valid SAS keyword, click More application options button in the SAS Studio toolbar and select Preferences. In the Code and Log preferences, select Enable hint. You can also view the syntax help by right-clicking a keyword in your program and selecting Syntax Help.

You can get additional help by clicking links in the syntax help window: