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Health and Life Sciences

Sample 39192 - Liver function test safety panel, baseline vs. study View Code

Liver function test safety panel

Sample 39173 - Percent of top twenty adverse events View Code


Sample 39166 - Distribution of eye irritation View Code


Sample 39144 - Subjects with eye irritation over time by severity and treatment View Code

Grouped Stacked Bar Chart

Sample 39137 - Observed and predicted atmospheric pressure differences View Code

Overlay Plot

Sample 39132 - Median of lipid profile over time View Code


Sample 39101 - Grouped box plot with droplines View Code


Sample 39100 - Matrix display of maximum LFT values View Code


Sample 39099 - Lab values by study week View Code


Sample 39092 - Patient profile by treatment View Code


Sample 39090 - Hazard function for adverse events of special interest View Code


Sample 39086 - Box plot by group View Code


Sample 39080 - Drug distribution by time and treatment View Code


Sample 39078 - Adverse events for patient ID View Code


Sample 35172 - Distribution plot View Code

GTL Handout Scatter Histogram

Sample 35164 - Cholesterol by sex and age group View Code

Group Horizontal Box Plot

Sample 35156 - Heat maps View Code

GTL Handout Heat Maps

Sample 35143 - Forest plot View Code

Forest Plot

Sample 35053 - Mean percent change in allergy relief View Code

Hilo Plot of Allergy

Sample 35052 - Pattern of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in children View Code

Spline Plot with Band Overlay

Sample 35051 - Butterfly plot View Code

Overlay Horiztonal Bar Chart

Sample 35049 - Risk panel graph View Code

Risk Panel Graph

Sample 31510 - Stacked band plot with overlay lines View Code

Stacked band plot with overlay lines