SAS/IntrNet 9.1: Xplore Sample Web Application

 For the User
* Overview
* Requirements
* Logging In
* Using Xplore

 For the Webmaster
* Setting Up Xplore

 For the SAS Expert
* Xplore's Source Code

 Other Versions
* Xplore 1.2
* Xplore 8.2

The Xplore sample application demonstrates how you can take your SAS environment into the world of the Web. Xplore is built using a variety of SAS programming tools including the SAS/IntrNet suite of Web tools. Using the Application Dispatcher together with the Web Publishing Tools, Xplore can dynamically access a variety of SAS data and file types for reporting, generating graphics, and performing drill-down analysis on the Web.

You can use Xplore as is, or if you are an expert user, you can use the Xplore application as a model for your own applications. All of the source code for Xplore is included in the WEBSAMP catalog in your SAS/IntrNet SAMPLIB library (created when you install the SAS/IntrNet Server).