SAS/IntrNet 1.2: Application Dispatcher

The Application Dispatcher, a SAS/IntrNet component, is a Web gateway from your Web browser to the power of SAS processing. This gateway, written using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), provides access to data in combination with a powerful array of analysis and presentation procedures. And, SAS software does not have to be installed on the user's machine!

To access and analyze data, a Web user completes an HTML form by selecting items and filling in fields. When the user selects the option to submit the information, the Dispatcher passes the information to the CGI program and on to a waiting SAS session. SAS software processes the information using the identified program. Program results return through the CGI to the browser and display to the waiting user.

You do not need CGI programming experience in order to use the Application Dispatcher. You can create the Web user interface and retrieve SAS data for display on the Web without having to program a CGI script.