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Application Server Administration Programs

The Application Server has a few built-in programs that instruct the server to perform special administrative tasks. Starting with Release 8.2 of Application Dispatcher, you can use an administration interface to perform these tasks. To access the interface, enter the Application Broker URL in your browser. The Application Broker URL depends on your Web server platform and the Application Broker location. Typical URLs might be

   http://yourserver/cgi-bin/broker           (UNIX or z/OS)
   http://yourserver/scripts/broker.exe       (Windows)

When you access the Application Broker URL using no parameters, a welcome page appears in your browser. This page gives you access to an administration interface, SAS/IntrNet samples, and SAS/IntrNet documentation. Clicking on the Application Dispatcher Administration link will display information about all defined Application Dispatcher services. Links are provided to administrative and status programs for each service. The available programs are described below. The administration interface can be password protected using the BrokerPassword directive in the Application Broker configuration file. To disable the administration interface, use the DebugMask directive to disable _DEBUG=4.

Note: If there is a customized Application Broker welcome page, then it will display instead of this default welcome page when you enter the Application Broker URL in your browser. If this is the case, and if you want to view the services that are available from the default welcome page, then add _DEBUG=4 to the URL, as follows:


The following administrative programs are available for Application Dispatcher services.

Command Description
STOP Stops the Application Server. All currently active requests are allowed to complete. An optional _WAIT parameter can be used to specify a maximum wait time (in seconds) for any sessions to expire. An Application Server that has received a STOP command with a _WAIT parameter will accept requests that access existing sessions, but will not accept other new requests. The default value for _WAIT is zero. BREAK and ENDSAS commands are also supported for compatibility with earlier releases, although the STOP command is recommended.
PING Executes a simple program that verifies that the Application Server is working correctly.
STATUS Displays a status page for the server that contains useful information, such as when the server was started and how many jobs it has processed.

In addition to using the administration interface, you can execute an Application Server administration program by supplying the name of the program in an Application Dispatcher request. For example,


These special program names are not case sensitive. If you start the Application Server by using a password, you must supply the password to execute the STOP program. For example,


Note: If you do not start the Application Server by using a password, any client can run the STOP program and shut down your server.

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