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Application Server Libraries

Program Libraries

Program libraries are directories, partitioned data sets, or SAS libraries that contain Dispatcher programs. Each Dispatcher program must be placed in a program library before the Application Server can run it. One Application Server can access multiple program libraries. They are defined by the ALLOC file, ALLOC library, and PROGLIB statements in PROC APPSRV. These libraries are segregated from data libraries for security reasons.

Data Libraries

Data created or used by Dispatcher programs should not be stored in program libraries. It is a security risk to store programs in the same location as their data. For a more complete discussion on security precautions, see Restricting Access to Program Libraries. The recommended method for accessing data from a Dispatcher program is to issue a LIBNAME or FILENAME statement in the Dispatcher program code. After the program has completed, the Application Server clears any libnames or filenames that the program has left assigned.

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