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Planning Your Migration



SAS customers have reported that validation is an essential part of a successful migration. So set aside some time to gather requirements from your staff and create a validation plan.

SAS offers tools to validate the installation, the software's functioning, and the migration of SAS data libraries. In addition, many sites develop their own validation tests. See also the topic that explains how SAS meets the special migration needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Designing a Validation Plan

To learn whether the SAS IQ and SAS OQ meet your validation needs, read the first two topics. If you have existing custom-designed validation tests, you can continue to use them. Or create new validation plans with the help of the third topic.

Validating the Installation with SAS IQ or Verification Jobs
explains uses for the SAS Installation Qualification Tool (SAS IQ). Under z/OS, Verification Jobs are used instead. This is a self-validating tool.

Validating SAS with SAS OQ
explains uses for the SAS Operational Qualification Tool (SAS OQ). This is a self-validating tool but it can accept customer-provided benchmarked tests under certain circumstances.

Designing Custom Validation Tests
provides guidance and ideas for designing your own validation of SAS behavior. This is of particular interest if you have custom SAS applications for a specific use.

Installation Note 35787: Validation tools for SAS® 9.2 Business Intelligence installations
lists the validation available for SAS Business Intelligence, Data Integration, or Solutions that are metadata-based.

Running Source and Target in Parallel
introduces some considerations for sites that dedicates a substantial period of time to validation, for example, extra disk space and peaceful coexistence.

Validating the Migration of SAS Data Libraries

When you're ready to migrate SAS data libraries to a more recent release of SAS, you can run PROC MIGRATE with validation tools that are available for download from this Community. The tools' reports tell you which library members have migrated successfully.