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Planning Your Migration

Migration Planning Worksheet

The Migration focus area at provides detailed information about SAS migration and cross-release compatibility. The idea is to document every known issue together with their fixes and best practices. This gives the customer a sense of confidence that possible obstacles have been anticipated and resolved ahead of time. With proper planning, the site's resources can be maximized, the migration can proceed more smoothly, and the customer can start using the enhanced power of a new SAS release.

Migration for metadata-based deployments

SAS Business Intelligence, Data Integration, or Solutions that are metadata-based: disregard this planning worksheet, and instead use the SAS Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide to plan your upgrade. The information is specific to a metadata-based migration, and refers to additional documentation, such as this Web site, where appropriate.

Because SAS installations can vary so widely, it is not possible for SAS to provide a one-size-fits-all migration timeline. Instead, this document is a framework for your research and planning.

The first two steps help you to collect basic information about your site. Then you use our interactive calculators to learn whether you need the MIGRATE procedure and how to use it. The remaining steps alert you to possible issues that can affect your migration timeline. A number of SAS employees in the field helped to gather information from customer sites, so this document includes a variety of possible issues. You should be able to cross off many of them as not applicable.

Step 1: Inventory the Hardware

This step gathers information about your current operating environment and target operating environment. Note any necessary upgrades as tasks in your migration plan. You will also need this information in step 3.

Step 2: Inventory the Files

This step gathers information about existing data files. In step 3 you will decide whether to migrate data files to the new release.

Step 3: Use the Calculators and Prepare to Migrate Files

For this step, you'll need the answers to the questions above in steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: Inventory the SAS Products and Applications

This step focuses on software concerns rather than data compatibility.

Step 5: Inventory the Roles and Timeline

This step helps you to allocate the needed resources for your migration plan.

Step 6: Review the Plan and Timeline