ODS MARKUP Resources

Whenever SAS R&D issues new or updated tagsets between releases, they are available for download below, under How to Download Tagsets.

General Resources

ODS MARKUP Statement
This is the reference to the ODS MARKUP statement.

TEMPLATE Procedure: Creating Markup Language Tagsets
This is an introduction and reference to the using tagset language to create your own custom tagset.

How to Copy and Modify Tagsets

See TEMPLATE Procedure: Creating Markup Language Tagsets

How to Install New Tagsets

See Note 32394: Installing and Storing Updated Tagsets.

How to Download Tagsets

If you find that the tagsets that ship with SAS don't meet your needs, try these. Or use these as examples to create your own. For help with downloading, see Note 32394: Installing and Storing Updated Tagsets.

ExcelXP (04/23/2015, version 1.131)
See the quick reference to options and change log for the tagset and the ODS Excel XP tip sheet. Output from the ExcelXP tagset works with Microsoft Excel as well as the Calc spreadsheet program from OpenOffice.org.

After you install, submit the following code for details about the tagset, including the current version number:
ODS tagsets.excelxp file="test.xml" options(doc="help");

See ExcelXP used in Try This Demo: The ExcelXP Tagset and Microsoft Excel.

LaTeX (preproduction)
The SAS 9.1 LaTeX tagsets are quite versatile and enable several different types of rendered output. LaTeX is also useful for embedding in your own documents.

MSOffice2K_x (updated October 2015)
This tagset extends the MSOffice2K tagset to add options. This tagset is another way to output data for Microsoft Excel.

tableeditor (updated May 2020)
Tableeditor.tpl creates HTML output with the same kind of functionality that you would get from Visual Basic .Net (VB.NET). You can easily export the output to Excel or other filetypes.