Quick Reference for the TAGSETS.EXCELXP Tagset

This document is a quick reference to options for the TAGSETS.EXCELXP tagset.

To see this information after you install the tagset, submit the following code. Also included is the current version number and a log of the changes that have been made to the tagset.

  ODS tagsets.excelxp file="test.xml" options(doc="help");

Short Descriptions of the Supported Options

Name Default valueDescription
ASCII_DOTSyesTurn off/on leading dots in textual 'batch' output
AUTOFILTERnoneTurn on auto filter for all columns or a range of columns
AUTOFILTER_TABLE1Which table on the worksheet should get the filters
ABSOLUTE_COLUMN_WIDTHnoneList of widths to use for each column in a table no matter what
AUTOFIT_HEIGHTnoIf yes, no row heights will be specified
AUTO_SUBTOTALSnoAdd a subtotal function to the summary line of proc print
BLACKANDWHITEnoThis value turns on black and white for printing
BLANK_SHEETCreate a Blank Worksheet with the name given
CENTER_VERTICALnoThis value controls vertical centering for printing
CENTER_HORIZONTALnoThis value controls horizontal centering for printing
COLUMN_REPEATnoneRepeat columns across pages when printing
CONTENTSnoCreate a worksheet that will contain a table of contents
CONTENTS_WORKBOOKContents, IndexCreate a workbook with a table of contents and/or an index of workbooks and/or an index of worksheets
CONVERT_PERCENTAGESyesRemove percent symbol, apply Excel percent format, and multiply by 100
CURRENCY_SYMBOL$Used for detection of currency formats and for removing symbols so Excel will see currency as numbers
CURRENCY_FORMATCurrencyThe currency format specified for Excel to use
DECIMAL_SEPARATOR.The character used for the decimal point
DEFAULT_COLUMN_WIDTHnoneList of widths to use for each column in a table, if there are no widths
DOCnoneDocumentation for this tagset. Values are Help, Options, Quick, Settings, and Changelog
DPI300This value determines the dots per inch for printing
DRAFTQUALITYnoThis value turns on draft quality for printing
EMBED_TITLES_ONCEnoIf yes, embedded titles will only appear at the top of each worksheet
EMBED_FOOTERS_ONCEnoIf yes, embedded footers will only appear at the bottom of each worksheet
EMBEDDED_FOOTNOTESnoPut footnotes in the worksheet
EMBEDDED_TITLESnoPut titles in the worksheet
FITTOPAGEnoFit to Page when printing
FORMULASyesData values that start with an '=' will become formulas
FROZEN_HEADERSnoFreeze rows from scrolling with the scrollbar
FROZEN_ROWHEADERSnoFreeze columns from scrolling with the scrollbar
GRIDLINESnoThis value turns on gridlines for printing
HIDDEN_COLUMNSnonerange or list of column numbers to hide
INDEXnoCreate a worksheet that will contain a index of worksheets
MERGE_TITLES_FOOTNOTESnoMerge left justified titles and footnotes.
MINIMIZE_STYLEnoMinimize the styles written to the stylesheet. Can cause unloadable XML files
MISSING_ALIGNrSets the alignment for missing values
NUMERIC_TEST_FORMAT12.Used for determining if a value is numeric or not
ORIENTATIONPortraitPrint orientation for the worksheet, Portrait or Landscape
PAGE_ORDER_ACROSSnoIf set to yes, the worksheet page order will be set to print across, then down
PAGEBREAKSnoInsert page break lines in the worksheet
PAGES_FITWIDTH1This value determines the number of pages to fit the worksheet across when printing
PAGES_FITHEIGHT1This value determines the number of pages down to fit the worksheet when printing
PRINT_FOOTERNoneIf there are no footers, or embedded footnotes are on, this value will be used as the footer for printing
PRINT_FOOTER_MARGINnoneThis is the footer margin as set in the page setup dialog window
PRINT_HEADERNoneIf there are no titles or embedded titles are on, this value will be used as the header for printing
PRINT_HEADER_MARGINnoneThis is the header margin as set in the page setup dialog window
ROW_HEIGHT_FUDGE4A fudge value to add to the row height for each row
ROW_HEIGHTS0,0,0,0,0,0,0Positional list of point sizes to use for row heights
ROW_REPEATnoneRepeat rows across pages when printing
ROWCOLHEADINGSnoThis value turns on row and column headings for printing
SCALE100This value determines the scale level for printing
SHEET_INTERVALTableInterval to divide the output between worksheets. Values are Table, Page, Bygroup, Proc, or None
SHEET_NAMEnoneWorksheet name to use for the next worksheet
SHEET_LABELnoneReplace the prefix of the worksheet name with this value
SKIP_SPACE1,0,1,1,1Multiplier for the space that follows the different types of output
SUPPRESS_BYLINESnoSuppresses bylines in the worksheet
THOUSANDS_SEPARATOR,The character used for indicating thousands in numeric values
TITLE_FOOTNOTE_WIDTH0The number of columns titles and footnotes are allowed to span.
WIDTH_FUDGE0.75This value is used along with Width_Points and column width to calculate an approximate width for the table columns
WIDTH_POINTSnoneOverride value for width calculations
WRAPTEXTyesThis value turns wraptext on and off for all style definitions.
ZOOM100This value determines the zoom level on the worksheet
DEBUG_LEVEL0Numeric value to turn on various debug messages
CONFIGURATION_FILEnoneAn ini file to read option settings from
CONFIGURATION_NAMEnoneA section name in an ini file that holds option settings