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Tech Support Notes

Date Title File Size
October 1997 TS-562: PROC FASTCLUS may give slightly different results on different operating systems (PDF) 11 KB
May 1997 TS-542: Internal Draft Doc: Standardized Solution in CALIS, EQS and LISREL(PDF) 111 KB
July 1996 TS-509: An introduction to Partial Least Squares Regression (PDF) 148 KB
April 1995 TS-450: A Tutorial on Logistic Regression (PDF) 96 KB
March 1993 TS-279: A Note On Fitting the Probit Model in SAS(PDF) 26 KB
February 1994 TS-274: Some Issues in Using PROC LOGISTIC for Binary Logistic Regression (PDF) 168 KB