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Date Title
April 2014 COB2SAS for SAS Software (PDF)
This paper explains how to use COB2SAS to convert COBOL data description entries into equivalent SAS language INPUT and LABEL statements.
December 2008 Downloading and Installing SAS Foundation 9.2 Phase 1 in the z/OS Operating Environment (PDF)
This paper will help you navigate the three stages in the process of installing SAS Foundation 9.2. It starts by helping you identify the stages and where you are in the process.
April 2007 SAS®9 on the IBM system z Mainframe: The path to mainframe modernization that preserves your application investment (PDF)
This paper focuses on the role of the mainframe in SAS BI Architecture and the implications and considerations for current mainframe customers. This paper is written for the people who run production data centers and who are experienced in operational procedures.
January 2007 TS-773: Setting Up a Sub-Capacity SAS License (PDF)