Problem Note 47050: A JNLParseException occurs when launching a SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm) Java Web Start client using JBoss5.1.* AS on a Japanese machine

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This problem does not occur at JBoss 5.1.x EAP.

Operating System and Release Information

Product FamilyProductSystemProduct ReleaseSAS Release
SAS SystemSAS Enterprise Miner Mid-TierMicrosoft® Windows® for x647.112.19.3 TS1M1
64-bit Enabled AIX7.112.19.3 TS1M1
64-bit Enabled Solaris7.112.19.3 TS1M1
HP-UX IPF7.112.19.3 TS1M1
Linux for x647.112.19.3 TS1M1
Solaris for x647.112.19.3 TS1M1
* For software releases that are not yet generally available, the Fixed Release is the software release in which the problem is planned to be fixed.