What's New Table of Contents 

What's New in the SAS Add-In 2.1 for Microsoft Office


The SAS Add-In 2.1 for Microsoft Office has the following changes and enhancements:

Enhanced Integration with Microsoft Office

The SAS add-in has improved its integration with Microsoft Office by adding the following functionality:

Ability to Publish Documents and Impact Analysis Support

Using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, you can publish documents to a metadata repository. You can publish workbooks, documents, or slideshows to a metadata repository. When you publish a document to the metadata repository, information about all the data sources, stored processes, and the location of the document in WebDAV is saved to the repository. The document is saved in WebDAV.

Storing this metadata enables you to perform an impact analysis on a document. Impact analysis enables you to see where a data source came from and the items that are dependent on this source. This analysis enables you to know how changing a data source might affect other documents.

When you publish a document, the Verify Document for Impact Analysis dialog box opens to notify you that these data sources will not be tracked for impact analysis.

Additional Job Administration and Control

The SAS Add-In 2.1 for Microsoft Office has added the following job administration and control functionality:

Support for Additional Data Sources

In previous releases, you could select SAS data sources or Excel data as your data source. Starting with the SAS Add-In 2.1 for Microsoft Office, the following additional data sources are available:

New SAS Tasks

The following tasks are new for this release:

New wizards provide a quick and easy way to use some of the SAS tasks and to contain a limited number of options. These wizards are helpful if you are new to a task or if you want to quickly generate an analysis. The following tasks have added a wizard view for this release: